It looks like Alexx Ekubo Buried Himself Further In The Mud With This Audio Evidence

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Nollywood star Alexx Ekubo may be one of the most handsome celebrities in the film industry. But at the moment, the former Mr Nigeria’s reputation is far from angelic as it used to be. Alexx Ekubo’s public profile has been stained with mud after his ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu, wouldn’t stop dragging him on social media for playing her. On January 5, 2022, the actor’s sister, Ifeoma Ekubo, tried to save her brother’s reputation during an interview with Obodo Oyinbo TV, debunking everything Fancy said about her relationship with Alexx. From cheating to celibacy until marriage, down to his questionable sexuality and the model and her family sponsoring the celebrity wedding.

It looks like Fancy is not letting this slide. The model said she was under Alexx Ekubo’s narcissistic spell for 5 good years but is now free and unleashing her truth. In addition to hinting Alexx Ekubo swings both ways, Fancy has again hinted that the Nollywood fine boy may also be a gigolo. But regardless of the smear campaign, Alexx Ekubo has been spotted in public, spending quality time with friends, especially his bestie, IK Ogbonna. When we thought we’d seen it all, Alexx Ekubo’s private conversation with Fancy after her apology post was released on social media.

The ‘Omo Getto, the actor could be heard saying before he takes a step, he calculates his every move and doesn’t horridly make mistakes. Hmm! It looks like Alexx Ekubo buried himself further in the mud with this audio evidence. And this is the point where we ask, does Alexx Ekubo need a miracle to repair his reputation at this point? Or will a damage control statement fix the messy situation? #AlexxEkubo #AlexxEkubogirlfriend #AlexxEkubofinance #NollywoodactorAlexxEkubo

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