“It’s Normal Here When You Complain Too Much, They Stop Calling You”—Jide Awobona Defends Adanma Luke Over Junior Pope’s Death 

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Nollywood actor Jide Awobona had made a case against his colleague, Adanma Luke, over the death of Junior Pope.

Following the news of his demise, many have been dragging Adanma Luke, holding her responsible for the death of Junior Pope.

The actress was the producer of the movie that claimed Junior Pope’s as well as others’ lives.

Making a case for her, Jide Awobona noted how such an unfortunate incident could have befallen anybody.

He stated that it is the norm in Nollywood, and when one refuses to do certain things, they are being tagged as difficult and called unprofessional.

Jide noted how such producers reminded them that they were heavily paid and were given the script beforehand.

“It could have been any of us, stop dragging this producer, it’s a norm here. When you refuse to do certain things they tag you as difficult and call you unprofessional with the usual line “Were you not paid, didn’t you read the script”, when you complain too much, they stop calling”.


Africanglitz reported on Wednesday that Nollywood lost another of its beloved actors, Junior Pope, who had drowned while returning from a movie location with his colleagues in a boat at the Anam River in Anambra State.

The actor was said to have woken up briefly and was taken to the Water Shrine for some cleansing, after which he was taken to the hospital, where he eventually gave up.

Confirming his death, the AGN president expressed sadness over his demise as he noted how their joy was short-lived.

He stated that his first post was out of excitement when he noticed his tingling fingers. Unfortunately, two hospitals tried their best to revive him, but to no avail.

Following his untimely demise, actress Sarah Martins took to her Instagram page to drag the actress, noting how her recklessness had cost her the lives of people.

She described the actress’s movie as a low-budget movie trying to raise local standards without providing the necessary amenities.

In her comment section, Uju Okoli and Destiny Etiko slammed her over her statement.

Uju Okoli told her to shut up, while Destiny Etiko noted how there is time for everything as she stated that such a statement was totally wrong.

The Actors Guild of Nigeria released a public statement banning actors and actresses from starring in Adanma Luke’s movies until further notice. Her movie, which claimed the lives of Junior Pope and crew members, has been suspended indefinitely.

To add to it, all movies involving riverine areas and boat riding have been suspended indefinitely, and no Nollywood practitioner is expected to hold any shoot today, April 11th.

At the moment, the actor’s family members and the community where he died are currently battling for his body.

According to reports, some people in the community are insisting that the actor must be buried in the river to avoid repercussions, while another group said the family should take the body to a specific shrine where a certain herbalist in charge of the river will supposedly bring him back to life.


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