James Brown Obialor Snatched The Crown From Bobrisky & Became The Smartest Crossdresser In Nigeria

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If the transformation were a person, then popular crossdresser James Brown would be the perfect definition of that word. It’s been only three years since he stepped into the limelight.

Nigerians cannot help but be impressed by how he has handled fame and how he moved from being the most trolled crossdresser to the Princess of Africa. In 2018, James was bundled alongside several other suspected gay individuals to Ikoyi prison, only to be released to find out he was already a viral sensation on the internet.

Bobrisky immediately took him under his wing as a mentee, setting him up for a career in crossdressing. When fans look back now, all they see is an epitome of growth and game-changer. Senior colleague, Bobrisky, as we all know, is only about oppressing everyone on social media with his clout chasing and fake lifestyle.

That’s not all, he has always been about fostering competition, and when he isn’t doing this, he’s fighting with another celebrity or crossdresser. But since James Brown became famous, he has been doing the complete opposite of his senior colleague precedent. Rather than foster competition, he has been fostering entertainment, fun, happiness, unity, friendship, and camaraderie among his fellow crossdresser. Apart from the cold and hot war between him and Bobrisky, James has completely shied away from picking a fight with other people.

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