Josef Fritzl: Man Who Locked His Daughter In An Underground Basement For 24 Years, Video Shows its Interior

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For 24 years, a man identified as Josef Fritzl housed his daughter, Elizabeth, in an underground basement The horrific ordeal which started when the girl was 18 years old would see the poor girl abused by her father, leading to her giving birth to 7 kids underground The evil father who planned the underground prison for years ensured it was soundproof so that screams won’t be able to escape to the outside world.

What started as a harmless help being rendered to her dad turned out to be the start of what would be her worst life period – this is the story of Elizabeth who was an underground prisoner for 24 years. Elizabeth Fritzl was kept in an underground basement by her father, Josef Fritzl for 24 years.

A report by The Sun capturing how the horrific ordeal started has it that Josef Fritzl had, in the year 1984, sought his daughter’s help in installing a door in his newly built cellar complex.

Unbeknownst to 18-year-old Elizabeth, it was a ploy by her evil father to get her into the basement. She offered the help and was drugged while at it, causing her to lose consciousness.

The start of Elizabeth’s horrific sojourn in the underground basement.

After drugging her, it is reported that the evil father chained Elizabeth’s arms behind her back so she could only move by the sides of the bed. To cover up his nefarious act, Josef told his wife, Rosemarie, that Elizabeth had run away to join a cult. A cooked-up story he maintained to policemen who were searching for the missing girl. Josef r*ped Elizabeth the next day and forced the young girl into performing degrading acts. He would beat and kick her as well as force the girl to recreate scenes from violent p*rn films.

She gave birth to 7 children while in the underground basement True Crime Recaps reports that Josef r*ped Elizabeth severally, sometimes doing it more than once in a day.

This saw the young girl give birth to 7 children – though one passed away. The cunning father would each time package the newborns and put them in front of their house with the explanation that his daughter had sent them to be taken care of by her parents as she couldn’t leave the cult. His co*ck and bull story was believed by all and sundry because he was a well-respected personality in the community. Eventually, a serious kidney challenge to one of the kids underground was what raised suspicion. The kid, aged 19, was taken to the hospital for the first time. Josef evil acts would later be uncovered and Elizabeth, as well as the kids, were rescued, with the evil father now serving a life sentence in an Austrian prison facility.

The underground basement 60 Minutes has it that the underground basement had a soundproof bunker and a tiny bathroom. It was nothing like above-ground buildings and was more like a prison. It is reported that the underground basement has a low ceiling making it somewhat difficult for one to stand upright.

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