Junior Pope’s Family Finally Releases A New Poster Of His Burial Arrangements, Acknowledge His Marital Status

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Nollywood actor Pope Odonwodo, popularly known as Junior Pope’s family, has finally bowed to pressure to include the actor’s wife in the burial arrangements.

A new poster making the rounds online confirmed that the word husband has been included following the outcry against the family.

The new poster revealed that Jnr. Pope is a son, brother, husband, father, and grandson, whereas the first poster did not include the wife.

Africanglitz recalls that there was controversy surrounding a burial poster supposedly released by Junior Pope’s family.

According to the poster that found its way to the internet, the talented actor will be buried on May 17, 2025, in his home town of Enugu.

The details included in the poster were what sparked controversy on social media, as the message read that Pope was survived by his family members, excluding his wife.

This sparked outrage and speculation about the actor’s relationship with his wife before his demise.

Also, a condolence visit by the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN, led by President Emeka Rollas, to the family of Junior Pope made tongues wag.

Netizens queried the reasons for visiting the parents and neglecting the wife and children.

Jnr. Pope lost his life tragically in April. His death shook the Nollywood industry, along with the five other crew members who lost their lives in the same manner.

Reports gathered disclosed that the actor died of drowning while filming on the river without safety procedures.

The movie producer, Adanma Luke, has been on the receiving end of multiple backlashes from Nigerians over her supposed carelessness that led to the deaths of Nollywood artists.

Junior Pope’s Tragic Short Life, His Wife, Children & Wealth 

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