“Just Pray To God To Give You A Partner Who Will Be Patient With You At Your Worst,” Sarah Martins Begs Nigerians To Stop Making Fun Of Israel DMW’s Failed Marriage

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Upcoming Nollywood actress and former best friend of Judy Austin, Sarah Martins, has sent a message to Nigerians about Isreal DMW’s crashed marriage.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, she noted how Nigerians don’t know when to stop while noting that she sees a lot of people making caricatures of Isreal DMW’s failed marriage.

She told Nigerians to stop making jokes out of people’s pain and to stop bullying them on their pages.

Sarah pointed out how nobody knows it all when it comes to relationships, and she urged the public to pray for a partner who will be patient with them and love them at their worst.

“Nigerians don’t know when to stop! I see a lot of people making caricatures of Isreal DMW’s failed marriage. Nobody knows it all when it comes to relationships. Just pray to God to give you a partner who will be patient with you and love you at your worst. Stop making a joke out of people’s pain is not fair!

These are the reasons I will never bring my dispute in my relationship in the public space. Heartache can lead to depression and depression can lead to many things. Make una leave them alone”.

“Bro, I will date you in private, marry you in private, knack you to Jerusalem in private, dump you in private if you do like werey and still move on in private…..

Some things are best left unsaid!!!!
You will only know and see things I want you to see and know!

Don’t get confused with my posts…. You know absolutely nothing about me!!!

Stop bullying people on their pages!!!!”.

Israel and Sheila tied the knot on Thursday, October 20, 2022, at a traditional ceremony that was held in Benin City, and two days later, they held their white wedding.

Less than a year after their grand wedding, the couple had parted ways as controversial Instagram blogger Gistlover spilled tea about their breakup, claiming that the 02 performing artist and his wife ended their marriage over domestic violence claims.

The couple later confirmed the news after Sheila publicly blasted the 002 performing artist for sharing a photo of them from their traditional marriage, calling her his wife.

Finally coming clean on his marital trouble, the 002 performing artist recounted how he met his wife, who was a virgin, and narrated how he upgraded her.

Their marriage turned sour after she tried changing him to suit her standards and was always breaking and shaming him.

Isreal DMW rebuffed claims that he was physically assaulting his wife as he called out his mother-in-law and alleged why his wife moved out of his house to Abuja.

Hitting back, Sheila revealed how Isreal was spoiling her and her family with gifts in a bid to hide his flaws. She claimed that the 002 performing artist beat her mother up and took back some of the things he bought her.

She stated that Isreal can drag her through the mud, but she wouldn’t tolerate him trashing her family.

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