Korra Obidi Buys 2nd House? LESSONS To Learn From Her Messy Divorce

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Korra Obidi has shocked her fans once again after acquiring another house in Lagos, Nigeria. Announcing the news as she documented the moment she signed the documents with her sister’s relator husband, who brought the papers, the singing and dancing princes caption her latest win, ‘Small Girl Big God. I just bought a house in Lagos. Nigeria. An investment property for a short-let. Land Lady in 2 Continents” As expected, her millions of fans celebrated with her.

One fan wrote, ‘It’s like Divorce has done her justice!!! It is like the husband was sitting on her destiny!! Go Korra!!!!’

On July 19th 2023, Justin Dean, the ex-husband of the 32-year-old talented dancer and mother of two, had an outburst on social media, telling his own side of the toxic relationship, tearfully narrated the condition he met Korra in China in 2017.

The LA-based Chiropractor claimed that he made Korra the woman she is today by bringing her to America. After a year and a half, how Korra’ Obidi‘s marriage ended has kept on making headlines, thanks to her ex-husband, who has refused to move on with his life and continues to blame the mother of his children for everything that went wrong in the marriage despite being the one who walked away from the union.

The American Chiropractor accused Korra of infidelity, narcissism and accountability, as well as damaging his image. According to Justin, he was heartbroken by Korra’s toxic behaviours and needed to walk away from their marriage to protect his mental health.

The former couple’s divorce was finalised on November 18 2022, after several challenges with her ex-husband’s attempt to gain full custody of their two small children and make her pay him spousal support. Although she presented herself as a strong woman, the entertainer has become involved in one of the messiest and most bitter celebrity divorces in recent memory. Many of her fans believe that the way her marriage ended and the subsequent acrimony it caused, and how Korra handled it can provide valuable lessons for other women, mainly black and African women.

So what are these lessons?

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