Korra Obidi Ex-Husband Justin Dean Celebrates Two Years As Facebook’s Most Trolled Person Amidst Cheating Allegations

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Justin Dean, the ex-husband of Nigerian dancer and singer Korra Obidi, has taken to social media to celebrate two years of being the most trolled individual on Facebook.

Justin Dean’s controversial post comes amidst ongoing public interest in his tumultuous relationship with Korra Obidi, which has been a frequent topic of social media discussions.

Justin Dean took to Facebook to reflect on the past two years of online harassment, following a series of explosive allegations and a highly publicized divorce.

In his words, “Celebrating 2 years of being the most trolled person on Facebook.

Btw my account isn’t hacked.”

Just weeks prior, Dean accused Korra of infidelity, claiming that she had cheated on him while pregnant with their daughter.

According to Justin Dean, Korra had traveled to Nigeria for a friend’s wedding and had an affair with her fiancé during the trip.

He expressed profound anger and betrayal upon discovering her actions.

The couple’s marriage officially ended in March 2022, shortly after the birth of their second child.

Their separation was fraught with public disputes and mutual accusations, making headlines and drawing widespread attention on social media.

Despite the acrimony, their divorce was finalized on November 19, 2022, with both Dean and Korra agreeing to share joint custody of their two daughters.

In similar news, just moments after US-based Nigerian dancer and singer Korra Obidi denied ever cheating on her ex-hubby, Justin Dean, during pregnancy, the American chiropractor didn’t waste a beat before hitting back with his own response on social media.

Justin Dean, in an Instagram video, dropped a bombshell and claimed that Obidi cheated on him while she was five months pregnant with her second daughter, Athena.

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