Ladies Here are the Most Googled Beauty Questions of 2018

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We all run to google when we have a questing or searching for something. Beauty products are a huge example. If you’re curious like us, below is googles most googled beauty question of 2018.

The search giant just released its most-Googled beauty questions of 2018, and the results are, no doubt what you’ve probably been asking yourself, too.

Among the top ten questions asked were

  • What concealer to use” (answer: one of these best concealer picks I swear by),
  • How to fix cakey makeup” (psh, gotchu covered with these skin-smoothing primers), How to do a cat eye” (not to brag, but this step-by-step cat-eye guide will change your life), and, in second place,
  • What is a lash lift” (one Cosmo editor actually got a lash lift and looked freaking amazing)

But the top, number-one, most-Googled beauty question of the entire year?

  • How to apply magnetic lashes.” Yes, one of the biggest trends in the last year has been the rise of magnetic eyelashes, which, as you’ve probably seen, are kind of a beauty miracle for anyone who sucks at applying falsies.

Magnetic eyelashes are essentially just two strips of false lashes that you sandwich between your natural eyelashes until they gently stick together with an itty-bitty, built-in magnet. It’s painless, relatively easy to apply (though it will definitely take you a few tries before you feel comfortable), and the fastest way to get amped up lashes.

Image: Twitter
Image: Twitter

So there you have it! It’s 2019, yes we can’t wait to see the latest beauty trends.

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