Lagos State Government Ordered The killing Of End SARS Protesters?

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Who ordered the killing of the #EndSARS protesters? Is it the Lagos state government? Is it the Presidency? Is it an independent act by the military? These are the most common questions that have appeared on several tongues, since that ugly act on 20th October 2020.

October 20th 2021 marked one year of the shooting of armless civilian youths, who were protesting against the injustice perpetrated by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian police. The evils of this arm of the Nigerian Police is universally acknowledged throughout the length and breadth of the country. It was only normal to kick against the existence of the group.

It is now becoming obvious that Nigeria is a lawless nation, seeing that the aforementioned questions are yet to be answered. It goes a long way to make you want to ask this sobber question:

“Did those youth die in vain?”

According to some people, Lagos State Government ought to be held responsible for this act.

Others felt the military acted alone, and the guilty names needed to be court-martial.

Some hands pointed at the presidency, and of course, he was never tried in any court.

The judiciary has done nothing tangible to reveal those behind the killings of those innocent Nigerian youths, and it’s now becoming crystal clear that the issue will gradually fade away.

Do you know why I doubt the possibility of justice for our fallen heroes?

I doubt it because Nigeria has not learnt anything after that protest. The police still harass innocent humans. Even after it was officially announced that SARS has been disbanded, people still feel it’s a lie. 

A Facebook user, Dave Okoroafor, in his recent post; stated how some of his customers were stopped along the road, and accused of transporting foreign rice. Even when it’s obvious that what they had in their possession was Abakaliki Rice, they were locked up and intimidated, till they paid a bailing fee of sixty thousand Naira. 

Attached is a screenshot of his post.

There are subsequent harassments of innocent citizens, after the protest. The fact that people still give narrations of their recent encounters with these uniformed men, expresses how terrible the Nigerian Government is – they do not care.

There’s even a rumour that members of the disbanded SARS have filled up the special police unit called CRACK SQUAD. This is so, because the supposed extinct devils have reincarnated into the affairs of the CRACK unit who are said to be more heartless than the disbanded group.

The Nigerian government didn’t learn anything after one year of the event, because, based on their continued neglect of the wicked actions of some sectors of the Armed Forces, it won’t be wrong to say they were behind the killings. Can the court prosecute the government?

Nigeria is really a failed state, and I doubt if we’re actually practising democracy.

Written by: Edward Amah

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