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Ngozi Ezeonu

Ngozi Ezeonu

Ngozi Ezeonu Dazzle’s in London for the premiere of her new movie The Briefcase. She looks absolutely stunning and in great shape, “She is a true Nollywood great icon right from the early days of Nollywood”,said a fan. The Briefcase turned out to be a mind blowing movie,  excelling viewers expectation, very unlike a Nollywood movie. The story line was carefully written and never bounced off, and the actors did fit their description, from Ngozi Ezeonu as a mother, to the the Gate man in the movie.


Ngozi Ezeonu, Fatima Jabbie (Actress) and Fans

The movie kicked off with a daughter (Nina) coming home without the Knowledge of her parents and stilling her fathers briefcase containing 1.5 million Naira, to give her boyfriend (Jeff) who was hastily travelling abroad. This movie portrays a life of a crazy rich man who is willing to send his daughter to prison for stealing his 1.5 million Naira. The briefcase being an interesting movie did not fail to cheer the audience up and keep them glued to the screen. Most audience accepted not to know the predictable end of this Nollywood movie.

Ngozi Ezeonu, Goldiva (Fashion Designer) and Mr Sam Anwuzia of ZAFAA Awards

The only problem with the movie was a bad audio sound, which is still a very big issue in Nollywood movies. Thus the london premiere turnout was very poor as this was a very brilliant and interesting movie. There wasn’t a huge awareness of the movie as only the top Nollywood stars based in London turned up.

The Briefcase stars Ngozi Ezeonu, Yul Edochie, Joy Helen, Livinus Nnochire, Prince Eke and Esther Audu.

Produced by Izuchukwu Okeke and directed by Ugezu J Ugezu.

Nelson Spke

Nelson Spyk (London Nollywood) and the Ladies


Roseline Sanni-Ajose and Goldiva

Roseline Sanni Ajose (Actress and Movie Producer) and Goldiva (Fashion Desinger)


Ngozi Ezeonu

Dazzling Ngozi Ezeonu 


Fatima Jabbe

Fatima Jabbe (Actress)



Nelson Spyk, Egor Effiok (PR Guru), Toksy Bello (Media Guru) and Theodora Ibekew (Actress and Movie Producer)


Marie Gomez

Fred Amata

Ruke Amata (Nollywood Director)


Ngozi Ezeonu and Theodora Ibekwe

Theodora Ibekwe and Ngozi Ezeonu


Fatima Jabbe and Marie Gomez

Fatima Jabbe (Actress) and Marie Gomez (Actress)



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  1. The Briefcase … Diary of a Thief … is a brilliant movie. I sat just a few seats away from the fabulous Ngozi Ezeonu and producer Izuchukwu Okereke.

    Turnout was not great, hopefully there will be more promo for the next screening.

    Best wishes.


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