“Madonna University Is The Only University In Nigeria That Girls Graduate As Virgins”Do Y’all Agree With Rev Fr Edeh?

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In a recent development, Reverend Father Edeh, the founder of Madonna Private University, one of the most popular private universities in Nigeria, has made a startling revelation.

While giving a speech recently, he revealed that Madonna continues to be the only university that has virgins in Nigeria.

His statement was one that absolutely surprised netizens, as they quizzed him on how he had come to such a conclusion.

He further stated that at Madonna University, the girls graduate completely as virgins.


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One Ademola Odwola asked him, “did you test their virginity”

Another netizen known as A-man had this to say, “how do you know sir, this can only come from an experienced man, except you are one.”

Another netizen known as Juppie Jack had this to say, “he should not even go there, he should not.”

Another netizen known as Michael Utsa had this to say, “this is disrespectful, the privacy of the ladies should be considered. More so, they don’t go to the university to study virginity, nor is it the ultimate yardstick for morality.”

One netizen known as OAI had this to say, “if you are from Madonna, this is time to share your experience.”

Another netizen known as Abubakar had this to say, “how is he sure of that, he’s just overrating them.”

Another netizen known as Big Smile had this to say, “there are many definitions to that speculation anyway.”

Recall that a few days ago, it was reported that a pastor had come on social media to reveal that rape was going to happen on April 25th. He had also further ordered netizens to refrain from their evil ways, while advising them to take his statement seriously.

According to him, God had revealed it to him; however, he had faced a lot of blasting from netizens who expressed that his statement was going against the word of God.

They revealed that Jesus had fully stated that the Son of Man would come like a thief in the night and that nobody knows when he will come.

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