“Material Things No Dey Move Verydarkblackman” Carter Efe Acquires N25m New Luxurious Mercedes Benz

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Nigerian skitmaker Carter Efe has reportedly made quite a splash by acquiring yet another luxurious Benz, this time at the cost of 25 million Naira.

It’s notable to mention that earlier this year, Carter Efe added a Benz to his assets, and now he’s making headlines once more with a fresh addition to his collection of automobiles.

However, some observers have begun to wonder if he tends to favor a specific version of the Benz, raising questions about whether he has indeed made these purchases or if they are merely rumors circulating.

Nevertheless, well-wishers and fans continue to offer their congratulations for his latest acquisition.

The intrigue surrounding this latest car purchase stems from speculations that Carter Efe might be employing it as a means to capture the attention of Very Darkman.

The two found themselves engaged in a highly publicized online dispute recently. Very Darkman, renowned for his online activism and outspoken nature, and Carter Efe clashed after Very Darkman made certain remarks and claims about various individuals.

Carter Efe, known for his straight-forward and candid approach, offered his response, and it escalated into a heated exchange. Darkman didn’t hold back in his retorts either.

In light of this feud, some individuals are now opining that Carter Efe’s ostentatious purchase of the Benz may be a strategic move to emphasize that Very Darkman’s financial situation might not be as robust as he asserts.

The price tag on the car, a staggering 25 million Naira, only adds to the intrigue surrounding this gesture.

Recall that it was also reported a few weeks ago that singer Blaqbonez recently made headlines for his lavish expenditure on a new car.

As expected, this also led to an influx of congratulatory messages from fans and well-wishers. Additionally, musical artist Ajebo Hustlers recently marked a major milestone by acquiring a new car and even a house, sparking further celebrations and warm messages of support.


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