“May God Heal Her. Amen” – Nigerians Pray For Chacha Eke Faani As She Deactivates Instagram Page Over Alleged Mental Shift

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Nigerians have expressed concern for well-loved Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke Faani after she reportedly goes through another mental breakdown.

According to reports, the mother of four’s medical condition has gone beyond the bipolar disorder she was diagnosed with, in the year 2020.

Gilstlover also claimed that the actress’s condition has made her team take down her Instagram page.

Africanglitz magazine checked on the actress’s Instagram page and found out that it had been taken down indeed.

See Chacha’s IG Account Shot

See Chacha Misbehave

The blog post reads, “Another sad news for Nollywood. God oo. This ija industry jazz too full am oo Kai. That beautiful woman. No wonder Dem help her deactivate her account. The first time them say na bipolar. Now it’s gone beyond that. God abeg ooo. Details later”.


adorablenaomi : God pls oh nothing should happen to her for the sake of her kids

houseoffather : Gos be with Chacah

olayinkaruqoya : May God be with her

princessjoy588 : Haa hope say no he Chacha

christianaedeha : God be with her oooo

folushewa : I think it’s Chacha, God abeg o

lady_of_canada : Oh my God please ooo

lus_hclaire : May God heal her. Amen

In 2020, ChaCha Eke Faani had taken to social media to cry out that her marriage to her husband, Austin had crashed. The 27 years old Ebonyi born script interpreter shared a video on social media announcing the end of her matrimonial union.

She said in the video, “I know people will say i am crazy, but i am not. This video is to let the world know i am done. I am done finally and i am leaving with my life. You will hear my story”.

However, the actress changed her statement as she blamed her bipolar disorder for the false news.

According to Chacha Eke, she was diagnosed of bipolar disorder.

Chacha Eke rubbished claims that her marriage suffered domestic violence, Chacha claimed her husband has never lifted a finger on her.

“5 days ago i made a video saying that my marriage to Austin Faani is over. That video came with a lot of backlash, with people saying i suffered domestic violence. That’s not true, Austin has never raised his hands on me.”

“I am here at First Delta American hospital here in Asaba, i have been diagnosed of bipolar disorder” She added.

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