Mercy Aigbe Finds FAKE LOVE In Broda Shaggi

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Is it wrong for a lady to fall for a much younger than her age? This is usually discouraged in our society, but it’s becoming obvious that in some cases, age shouldn’t really matter.

Not quite long ago, Nollywood Actress, Mercy Aigbe revealed that she has found a new lover. The single mother whose Instagram post had sparked reactions as of the time of posting, kept people wondering about the true identity of this lover, whom she described as “D’Owner.”

The mother of two recently kept her name on most people’s tongues by sharing a picture of her and Instagram comedy sensation, Broda Shaggy, claiming he’s her newfound love.

“Ladies and Gentlemen behold D’Owner, I can’t hide it anymore. Please no one should come with I am older, this is matters of the heart! Just be happy for us! And move on,” she wrote.

Is there any love between them, or is it another PR stunt done by certain celebrities to keep themselves relevant in the news?

Like she said; it is about matters of the heart. She must have had her reasons, and likewise him. Whatever bred their supposed love story shouldn’t really be anyone’s business, provided they’re not hurting anyone.

But some persons are of the opinion that whatever they’re presenting to the public is fake. There is this belief that Broda Shaggi would definitely be going for a younger lady, should he decide to settle down. 

“They go serve her breakfast,” someone said on Facebook while describing what he expects to see in future if the supposed “lover” tag was even true. Breakfast is the new slang for heartbreak.

Will the comedian dump the actress?

I don’t think that’s for us to think about. I think the only thing necessary, is to do what she wants the public to do:

Be happy for them.

Opinion by: Edward Amah

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