Mohbad’s Autopsy Result/Funeral & Why His Father & Wife Are In Disagreement

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    When we all thought “Justice For Mohbad” couldn’t take any more dramatic twist, the late singer’s management slammed his father, Joseph Aloba, with a 200 million Naira defamation suit. This follows Mohbad’s Dad’s claim that his late son left a will he thumbprinted instead of appending a signature.

    Since Imole passed mysteriously on September 12 2023, his father has been accused of making suspicious moves and unguarded statements to the media. Although a grieving father, Mr Aloba was first accused of fighting his son’s widow over the properties he left behind. According to millions of Nigerians following the sad story, Papa Mohbad has shown more interest in his son’s properties than in seeking justice for his son. The narrative further intensified after the likes of Nollywood stars Tonto Dike and Iyabo Ojo hinted the family of the deceased were at each other throats over properties. Further, in a cryptic post, Tonto Dike urged Mr Aloba to do right by his late son while accusing him of demanding paltry sums of 10k and 15k before granting interviews to discuss his late son.

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    Regardless, Papa Mohbad insists that no one loved his son more than he did, not even his wife Wummi, whom he suspected of killing his son. In a recent January 2024 interview with TVC News, the pastor claimed his late son’s widow, Wummi, was involved in a conspiracy to eliminate Mohbad. Mr Aloba expressed shock that Mohbad had a will with a thumbprint instead of a signature. He explained that he believes the thumbprints were affixed posthumously by his widow after the singer’s demise.

    Reacting to this statement, Mohbad’s management team slammed the older man with a lawsuit demanding a retraction of his statement, a public apology, and 200 million Naira in damages.

    Is this still about Mohbad’s properties or justice for the tragic passing of the 26-year-old? And how has the late singer’s widow reacted to all this drama?

    Since popular Afrobeat rapper and singer Mohbad passed, a lot of secrets have come to light. Just as his nickname, “Imole”. A lot had been said, unsaid, and even repeated. But on January 10, 2024, the late singer’s father jumped on an interview with TVC News where he made new revelations about why he is insisting on an autopsy and DNA test on his alleged grandson before Mohbad can be laid to final rest.

    Mr Joseph Aloba expressed doubts about the paternity of Mohbad’s only surviving child, Liam. After testifying at the coroner’s inquest that Mohbad’s widow, Wummi, was not faithful to his son, he suspects that she killed Mohbad. Mohbad father insinuated that Wummi wants to inherit all of Mohbad’s properties but through his son, Liam.

    He clarified that these suspicions were not recent but were way before Mohbad passed. Speaking with TVC News correspondent, Mr Aloba claims that when his son and wife welcomed Liam, they refused to give him the child’s placenta. Even though it is customary to his traditions that the husband’s family handles the child’s placenta, perhaps he believes that Wummi gave the placenta to the original father of Liam and then manipulated Mohbad against giving the placenta to his father.

    Further, when Mohbad was ill, no one, not even Wummi, called to inform him of the sad development. When Mohbad sadly passed on, the white garment cleric was also not informed. His intuition that something terrible had happened made him appear at Mohbad’s residence, confirming his suspicion. Mr Aloba’s arrival was met with a large crowd of sympathisers and Mohbad’s lawyer. It was also when he learnt that Mohbad left a will, which bore a thumbprint rather than a signature. Papa Mohbad expressed shock that his son, who is just 26 years had a will when he, who is his father, had not thought for once to have a will. Hence, it must have been doctored. The cleric believes that his son’s widow created the will immediately after Mohbad passed and affixed the thumbprint because she had difficulty finding a document to copy his signature.

    “Mohbad is the kind of person who will never think of using his hand to thumbprint. Instead of that, he will sign. Because he was dead, they had to call a lawyer to do their mathematics inside. I did not believe that. He cannot thumbprint, and he is supposed to sign. I, as his father, cannot even say I want a thumbprint. I have my signature, and he has his signature, too. Simply because they cannot trace him, they had to use his hand to thumbprint many things there,” he explained.

    Mr Aloba further claimed that the Nigerian police failed him. Explaining why he hurriedly buried his son the following day after his passing on September 12, 2023, the cleric said he visited the police station for a death report for Mohbad, but his request was denied. The police insist he had a report from the hospital confirming his son’s death. When he further visited the mortuary to deposit the deceased son, they insisted on a report from both a hospital and the police, which he couldn’t provide. All the while, his son’s wife, Wummi, had the hospital report in her possession but said nothing. Left with no choice, he decided to bury Mohbad on his undeveloped land in Ikorodu.

    When asked why he was delaying Mohbad’s re-burial, Mr Aloba said he wanted the autopsy results first and a DNA result for his alleged grandson. According to Mr Aloba, the police said autopsy results are not yet ready. As for the DNA result on his grandson, he had very little to say; neither has Wummi said much about it. But some weeks back, Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo, who is in contact with Wummi, claimed that she is ready to conduct the DNA test on her baby. However, Wummi insists that the process goes through her lawyer’s terms and conditions, which we believe Papa Mohbad still needs to meet.

    Despite all this, Mr Aloba has vowed that no matter how long it takes, he will seek justice for his son. The cleric says that if he is unsatisfied with the Autopsy report from the police, he will arrange for a private one. At the moment, Mr Aloba says his other children are against him because they have been bribed with money, but he will do anything to know the mystery behind his talented son’s passing because he wasn’t just his son but also his friend.

    This recent interview by Papa Mohbad was praised by all and sundry, but his late son’s management company is not too happy about it. In a lengthy post on Imole’s official Instagram page, they refuted claims that the “KPK” crooner left behind a will. The management claimed that Mohbad’s team and his lawyer had yet to communicate the existence of a will or any thumb-printed document. According to them, Papa Mohbad’s statement is false and should be taken with a pinch of salt by the rest of the family and the public. The management further revealed that a “Post No Debit order” was placed on all accounts owned and controlled by the late singer on September 12 2023, and is still in effect. Once the internal dispute was resolved, the management promised to transfer all of Mohbad’s accounts to the family.

    But if you thought the Mohbad management team was done, you’re so wrong. On January 19 2024, Mohbad Management slammed his father with a lawsuit signed by the management lawyer, Bankole Falade. They demanded that Mr Aloba retract what they called “slanderous” remarks on the existence of a will in his interview with TVC. The retraction, it stated, must be published on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for three consecutive days. The management further demanded Mohba’s father publish an apology letter on Instablognaija on Instagram and Punch newspaper within 14 days.

    “You are to publish the same unqualified apology within 14 days of this letter with payment of N200,000,000 (Two hundred Million Naira) through this honourable chambers (Bankole Falade & Co) within the set period,” the lawsuit reads. According to the management, failure to comply will lead to seeking redress in the court of law.

    Following Papa Mohbad’s statement about a will, the late singer’s widow, Wunmi, reacted by sharing a video of her encouraging herself with a gospel song. While holding Liam, whose hair was braided just like his late father’s, which many people gushed, made him look even more like Mohbad. Wunmi sang a gospel song with the lyrics “dependable, dependable God, it doesn’t matter what comes my way you’re still God”. In the caption, Wummi wrote that one day, she will write her side of the story and what she went through. “One day, you will tell the story of how you overcame what you went through, and it will help someone else’s survival guide. Stay strong, Omowunmi.”

    As you can imagine, the video went viral. Many people showed her sympathy, while others vilified her, saying she was acting like a guilty person.

    Meanwhile, Nigerian singer Naira Marley dropped the music video for his latest track ‘Wahala.’ In the track, the Marlian Record head, honcho, paid an unexpected tribute to the late Mohbad, giving everyone more things to discuss.

    What do you think about Papa Mohbad’s latest revelation on Mohbad’s will? Do you believe he is speaking the truth or deliberately putting false information out there? 

    What do you think about the Mohbad Management team’s lawsuit against his father? 

    Is it an attempt to stifle him from demanding justice, or are they trying to control false narratives? 

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