Mohbad’s Father Defends Naira Marley, Mother Cries Out – Shocking Details About The Family

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Since the tragic passing of Afrobeat star Mohbad, his parents, especially his father, Mr Joseph Aloba, have received heavy backlash from the public. According to heartbroken fans, the deceased father was one of the weapons fashioned against him. Mr Aloba incurred the disapproval of many people on September 13 2023, after he hurriedly buried his son, barely 24 hours after he died mysteriously at the young age of 27 despite not being a Muslim. Subsequent pictures of the late singer that surfaced online also showed that he was laid to rest in a small casket with his neck bent to fit, implying that his father didn’t bother buying a casket with the correct measurement.

Since the tragic and shocking death of the father of one, fans have been highly suspicious about what his father knows about his untimely death, seeing that the singer was a Christian and could have been given a befitting burial. This suspicion has only continued to grow as more videos of Mr Aloba speaking about his late son without any sign of grief or empathy surfaces. Despite growing evidence that the late singer, also known as Imole, may have been bullied to death by Naira Marley, his former label boss, his father has only been mainly talking about the properties Mohbad left behind, his present living condition, and how Mohbad didn’t finance him before he passed.

As if this isn’t enough, Mr Aloba has chosen sides with Naira Marley, defending how he treated his son while alive and noting that the Tesumole Singer was a good person and is not responsible for his son’s death. Mohbad’s mother has also been heavily criticised for abandoning her son for years, only to reappear In his life after he seemingly made it in life to enjoy the fruits of someone else labour. Following a police investigation, his body was exhumed on September 21, 2023, and an autopsy was carried out for further investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s mysterious passing.

Heartbroken Fans, including millions who got to know about the fast-rising Afrobeats star after his sad death, insist that everyone close to him, including his parents and 24-year-old widow, Omowummi, must all be treated as suspects. Did Mohbad’s family know something about what led to his death? Why isn’t his father fighting for justice for his son?

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