Motivation Monday: If Time Is Wealth, How Rich Are You?

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Scientifically and Psychologically one may say ‘TIME’  simply means To Internationally Manage Energy.

We often make use of time in life whenever we work to achieve our goals and long term visions. More commonly, the energy present when we work is proportionate to the time taken during the work. Thus it becomes very important for one to learn how to manage his or her time on a daily basis. For how you spend your time could determine the level of success you’re likely to achieve in life.

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Don’t play with time for it is not your best friend forever (BFF). Don’t procrastinate by saying I will do X tomorrow or the day after when you should be doing it now. Time waits for no one, it flies and tomorrow is not promised. Don’t let a single day pass by without devoting your time to something rewarding. If you learn to be meticulous in time-management and equally double down on your endeavours, then there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Time is a treasure that cannot be recovered when spent. Make good use of it while you still have it in abundance.


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