Mummy GO Lived For 990 Years & 20 Shocking Things She Did That Made Her Go Viral

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Nigerian brand of Christianity has given birth to some of the weirdest men and women of God over the years. Names such as Reverend King, Odumeje Indabosky Bahose, Sister Kate, and Apostle Michael Akpor sure ring a bell.

These pastors were the rave of the moment at one time or the other, mainly due to their strange doctrines and preaching. More recently, however, Nigerian Christianity has ushered in another weird woman of God, who has become an internet sensation nicknamed Mummy GO. She grew popular towards the end of 2021 after some of her hell-threatening and shocking sermons went viral.

Rather than be ridden with fear, change their ways, and allow God to arrest them, Nigerian youths turned her sermons into some of the best hilarious memes making the rounds on social media. Mummy GO, whose real name is Fumilayo Adebayo, prides herself as a revivalist, evangelist, and the founder of Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God, based in Iyana-Ipaja Lagos.

The 54-year-old pastor from Ekiti State claims she was called by God 27 years ago but has been in the ministry for 24 years. The prophetess, who also claims to have seen Lucifer face to face, first gained popularity in 2016 after a recording of her confession titled, “990 years in the kingdom of Darkness’ went viral. In the over 4-hour ling audio record, she claimed she was formally a man in Ancient Egypt who died in a war before she was born in Nigeria.

But before then, she claimed she was on the other side for 990 years, working for the kingdom of darkness as a high-ranking officer. Finally, God arrested her to preach what people must do to make heaven, hence why she has been threatening all and sundry with hell in her preaching #MummyGO #WhoIsMummyGO #ProphetessFumilayoAdebayo

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