Music; “Facebook Bars App” Lets Rappers Generate & Share Raps Without Investing Heavily In Equipment

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Getting hands-on high-cost recording studios and production equipment can be hard for people who want to rap. On top of that, the earth’s influenza stopped all live shows where the rappers frequently post their work.

So DJ Iyer (also known as D-Lucks), a “hip-hop songwriter and ghostwriter” and Facebook staff, along with a group of ambitious rappers developed “BARS: a region for intending rappers to prepare and post their art.”

How Facebook BARS App Works

BARS app makes it easy to generate and post raps, so rappers can concentrate on and experiment with the content, rather than investing seriously in equipment and output.

On BARS, you can click one of the created beats, write lyrics and record yourself dropping bars.

BARS automatically suggests rhymes as you’re writing to maintain your flow on. You can also go into Challenge mode and get flexible with auto-suggested word cues. You can choose from a group of audio and visual filters to take your content to the next level.

No traditional rap experience is needed— you can create something great whether you’ve just thought of a dope couplet or have been flexing on it for years.


How To Get Started

As of when this post became public, you will have to sign up for the waitlist to join the closed beta. With what D-Lucks, said, invitations will be opened in batches, starting with friends in the US, as they keep to improving the experience.

Facebook bars app download was only available on the US App Store and may have been accessible to all by now.

Download Facebook Bars App for iPhone

You can keep up to date on invites and all other things concerning BARS on Instagram.

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