“My Beauty Worth Trillions” Crossdresser James Brown Brags About His Beauty & Reveals What It Can Do

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Popular  Nigerian crossdresser James Brown has made an interesting revelation about himself in a recent post.

James Brown took to his Instagram page, where he claimed that his beauty is worth trillions of dollars because it possesses two elements: beauty and brains.

According to James Brown, his beauty is so valuable that it can buy a house, a car, and even make billions of dollars.

He wrote: “My beauty worth TRILLIONS because with my beauty you can buy a house,🏡 car 🚗 & make billions because I possess two elements BEAUTY with BRAIN 🧠 Second swipe 😭😭😭 That’s is not my real face oooo”

On a second swipe, James Brown revealed that the face he presented in the initial post was not his real face, suggesting that his statement may have been a form of satire or social commentary on the obsession with beauty.

James Brown is set to undergo surgery to import a womb.

It will be recalled that James Brown recently announced he was set to undergo surgery to import a womb.

The dramatic Princess of Africow, as he is fondly known, announced via his Instagram page that he is set to travel for a surgery.

Counting his blessings, James noted how he has a hose of his own and car. However, the only things he lacks is a child and he desires to be a mother.

“I think it is time I travel back for my surgery importing my WOMB. have a House, CAR. I need to be the mother of my Child. Next”.

While explaining his reasons for planning a womb surgery, he said:

“I love babies. I wish to have mine soon. will love to be a mother, the joy of motherhood”.

This has left many confused, as the crossdresser is a male and still has his masculine features.

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