My Mom Took 15k Out Of My Savings To Pay For A New Car, I Need Advice

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Is it right for parents to use their children’s savings to buy leisure items such as cars, clothes and shoes? A Reddit user cries out after his mother spent his college saving on a brand new car.

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“So I will try and keep this short.

I have always had a close relationship with my mom after my parents divorced I chose to live with her, I have always trusted her and so on.

Now we have never been rich, but we got by, I have always worked since I could in order to buy things like games, clothes, a phone and so forth since these large non essential things were too difficult for my mom or dad to afford, basically we had no money for big non essentials.

Now because of this I quickly started saving my money, pretty much, I would usually save up at least half of what I made in a month in order to be able to have some spending money and money to buy furniture when I moved out and such.

So I turned 18 several months ago and started arranging accommodations for college next year and working full time this year so I wanted to see how much I had saved.

Well you can see where this is going, I looked at it and there was about 4000 where there was supposed to be 19000, so I freaked the fuck out and called my bank, well to make a long story short after confronting my mom and dad since they were the only ones with the ability to go in to my bank account, she explained she used “Some of my money” to buy her shiny new car several months ago, so I yelled at her and said she did not use some of it she drained 3/4ths of my savings to buy a new fucking car. She started crying saying she wanted the car but only had 10000 saved and the car was 25000, so she figured it was fine and she would pay it back in the next few years. I know she can’t because it took her years to save up the 10000, I mean the best-case scenario would be her paying back 200 a month which would mean she would take like 6 years to pay it back. My dad lost it on her as well, he is very mild-mannered and rarely shows emotion whatsoever but he was seething and told her to sell the goddamn car, her laptop and everything worth a damn in the house to pay it back or he would sue her.

Well this was 2 weeks ago, I have since received 200 from her and apparently, the car is up for sale but given she bought it months ago it is likely in the best case scenario it will fetch like a third of what she bought it for.

In the meantime I have moved in with my dad who lives 15 minutes from my mom at his behest, my dad and my moms’ otherwise amicable relationship has completely collapsed, my mom has been begging me to talk to her and saying how sorry she is.

Now here is what I said, until I have every penny back I won’t even consider talking to her again and even then she has so much made up to do I doubt I will ever forgive her. I need advice on how to go about this as my dad wants to sue her.

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