Next Generation Tricycle; “This iTouch Feature Assures One-Touch Noiseless Start And Entirely Eliminates Starter Motor” – Simba TVS Nigeria Said As They Launch The Revolutionary Tricycle

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Nigeria’s top chart tricycle firm has announced the invention of a new TVS King Deluxe Plus tricycle, with cross-generational iTouch technology. The technology targets allowing an excellent riding experience, that covers driver-friendliness and safety. TVS Motor Company, a three-wheel innovative firm had commanded a reputation worldwide with their generic tech moves especially after the production of the starting system of this three-wheeled vehicle.

In the light of the event conducted at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos, the Simba company explained many upgraded capabilities and improvements over existing generations of the vehicle.

They said;

The iTouch Function allows a one-touch, no-sound start of the vehicle and wipes entirely the use of the starter motor. It brings down fuel consumption and wades off wear and tear on the parts, then running costs of the vehicle subsequently reduce.

According to Mr Mahendra Pratap, Business Head at Simba TVS said,

“The Simba group are immeasurably glad to announce the TVS King Deluxe Plus iTouch in Nigeria this day. Considering we are the pioneer and only tricycle producer on earth to have this innovative and cross-generational technology, we are very happy to provide an excellent driver experience, both for our team, our mechanic society and individuals. , We remain in partnership to committing outstanding innovations to Nigeria and also commit energy in supplying the spare parts without reservations, which has undoubtedly become the bedrock of our flying colours in the last couple of decades.”

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