Nigerian Relationship Therapist Blessing CEO, Reacts To Married Men Keeping Their ‘Illegitimate Child’ As A Secret To Their Wives

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Relationship expert Blessing ‘CEO’ Okoro has made a case for married men who hide their love child or children from their wives.

While appearing as a guest on Arise TV, where she spoke on ‘Husband Snatching: Reality or Myth, Blessing said that a Mistress is someone a man likes but cannot get married to because of his marriage to another woman.

She said some men decide that since there is a constraint that they cannot get married to their mistresses, they now have a child with her just to preserve the bond they share.

’Mistress simply means I am in love with you but I have a wife. I can’t marry you. Some men will now be like let’s bond, let’s have a child together. If I can’t give you marriage, let there be something that ties us together.”

When asked if it is okay for a Mistress to know that the father of the child is keeping it a secret, Blessing said,

’Yes! The only thing I need to know is the father’s root so that when he grows, he can go to his father”

When the show anchor stated that this can affect the child’s mental health, she said,

‘’There are lots of things that can affect our mental health but unfortunately, I am a realist. I like saying what happened, not what was supposed to be. There are some certain things that are supposed to be but it is not so let’s face the reality and be able to deal with it. If you are a side chic and you have a child and the man says ‘I don’t want to bring this home, respect him. He is doing what he is supposed to do as a father. He did not fail. The difference is ‘I don’t want drama, I don’t want chaos” because if you come in now there will be chaos, there will now be peace. Let me buy you a house, make you comfortable, make the child comfortable, so he is my child I know.”

Watch a video of her speaking below.


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