Nkechi Bianze: Skin Bleaching Is Not A Crime

    Nkechi Bianze
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    ‘All these “if you eat good food, you will become lighter. If you stop using molue and start using a car with AC, you will become lighter…” bla bla bla bla fucking bla are become tedious to read.

    1. Room/studio lightning can make one appear lighter on photos.
    2. Camera quality can make one appear lighter on photos.
    3. Good dieting and change of lifestyle can make on have a toned skin colour.
    4. Pregnancy can even make some women change colour temporarily.
    5. BLEACHING CREAM and SKIN LIGHTENING CREAM can make one change in skin colour.

    And there are some other factors that can make one appear lighter on photos or have a slight change in skin colour.

    Number 5 is what most of you dumb heads are finding really difficult to admit.

    Many of us know the difference between change in skin colour due to bleaching from when it is due to other factors. Change in skin colour due to bleaching is always different!

    Even people who bleached are trying to claim camera quality… like they are talking to fools with poor sight.


    It is at worst a slow form of self-harm.

    If you bleached your skin, own it!

    If you are too ashamed to admit you are doing it, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.

    I personally know when someone has bleached their skins.

    “According to the World Health Organisation, WHO, an estimated 77 per cent of Nigerian women use skin-lightening products, the figure which is reputed to be the world’s highest percentage.”

    This is a staggering statistic that should shut you all up from your denials.

    Many Nigerian skin care sellers on Facebook make most of their sales on skin lightning products.

    And yet, you all are claiming that you became lighter because you started having money and started driving AC tight cars.


    Even though we know most of us are still broke, “car-less”, and walking under the sun every day. 😑

    If you want to bleach or you are already bleaching, crack on. It’s NOT a crime. But stop denying it!

    If you are ashamed to admit that you are using skin lightening and skin bleaching creams, then maybe you should stop using them. What is the point doing something you are ashamed to admit?

    Written by Nkechi Bianze a student, feminist advocate and a fearless writer. You can follow her on Facebook to read more of her interesting arguments here

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