Nkechi Blessing Ex-Boyfriend Opeyemi Falegan Openly Declares His Love To Linda Ikeji

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Ekiti politician Opeyemi Falegan, previously romantically linked to Nkechi Blessing, has openly declared his love for renowned Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji.

This bold expression of affection followed a captivating Instagram post by Ikeji, featuring her in an elegant black outfit that highlighted her long legs.

The politician didn’t hold back in his social media post, expressing his admiration for Ikeji’s beauty and grace, particularly noting how she has aged gracefully.

His remarks extended to a playful yet direct proposal of marriage, inviting her to “come to daddy.” Linda Ikeji, a figure known for her discretion and professionalism, has yet to respond to these unexpected and direct advances.

Also, it was reported that Opeyemi brought to light the relationship between parents and their children, especially as it pertains to caregiving and support.

He used the late artist Mohbad and his father as an example. The stark contrast between Mohbad’s successful, affluent lifestyle and his father’s appearance raised questions and concerns.

This scenario led Opeyemi to ponder that a parent’s dedication and sacrifice do not always guarantee care or gratitude from their children in later years.

Opeyemi’s reflections were based on observations and the public’s reaction to Mohbad’s father’s condition.

Despite Mohbad’s acclaim and financial success, his father’s state seemed to reflect a lack of support, contradicting the artist’s previous songs where he lauded his father’s contributions to his life.

In his music, Mohbad spoke highly of his father’s sacrifices, including saving money for his education and overall upbringing.


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