Nkechi Blessing Left Many Stuns As She Challenges Blessing CEO To Face-to-Face Fight In Her Therapy Lounge (Video)

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Actress Nkechi Blessing seems to have taken the online altercation between her and Blessing Okoro to a new dimension. This time around, she has decided to go physical with it.

The controversial duo, who have been on each other’s necks for quite some time now, recently started trolling each other once again.

Nkechi Blessing, in a bid to not be outdone in their online squabbles, drove to Blessing Okoro’s famed therapy lounge known as “Break it or make it,” where she requested that Blessing Okoro come out physically for a fight.

She went on to call Blessing Okoro, an ex-convict, and say that she had to come outside so that they could settle their matter once and for all.

She went on to express that she promised to use blows to disfigure Blessing Okoro’s fake Nyash, as she called her a cursed human being.

Nkechi Blessing went on to rant on her Instagram page that she is never one to run away from a table and that even if Blessing Okoro leaves Lagos and goes to Enugu, she will still find her there.

Recall that earlier in the day, Blesisng Okoro slammed Nkechi Blessing, revealing that Nkechi was dating a baby toy as a boyfriend and that she had his “full gist.”

She had also told Nkechi Blessing that she had been so desperate to get married that she had told everyone that she was married to Opeyemi Falegan and had even gotten a ring to prove it.

She had also called out Nkechi Blessing for her ability to only shout and not do anything. People believe that this is why Nkechi Blessing resorted to physically visiting her so that she could prove that she wasn’t all mouth but could take action too.

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