“No Man Born Of A Woman Or Any Spirit From The Past Can Kill Me” Actress Queeneth Hilbert Drag Ghanaian Prophet

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Nollywood actress Queeneth Hilbert has slammed a popular Ghanaian prophet over his prophecy about her.

The prophet, who has given prophecy to Destiny Etiko and Junior Pope, had admonished the actress to go find a ‘Dibia’ who would do the necessary rights for her.

He claimed that there was a curse from her mother’s side and darkness around her. He said the rights would help her enjoy the world to the fullest.

“There is a curse from her mother’s side, she should find a Dibiaz who would do the necessary rights for her, so that she can enjoy the world to the fullest because there is a darkness on her”.

Reacting to it, Queeneth noted how the prophet made a death prophecy for her, yet she is still alive. She noted how he said she would die from food poisoning, but that never came true.

Hilbert made it known that no man is born if a woman or any spirit can kill her, as she is covered and soaked with the blood of Jesus.

“This same prophet said I will die from food

poisoning till date I’m alive .

No man born of a woman or any spirit

From the past can kill me .

I am covered and soaked with the blood of Jesus AMEEEEEEEEEEEN !”.

Watch the video below:

As earlier reported, the same prophet had given Junior Pope a prophecy last year, forewarning him about his death.

When the news of his death made the rounds, Netizens dug up the video where he warned the actor against spiritual attacks from his family. He had warned the actor to cross-check his father’s side because there was darkness around him.

This year, the same prophet forewarned Destiny Etiko about a future unfortunate incident.

The clergyman told the movie star to be careful as a woman is trying to eliminate her by food poisoning because she is making it in life and for sleeping with her husband.

The prophecy is coming days after she exposed her colleague, Mercy Johnson after Angela Okorie dragged her online.

Queeneth recounted how Mercy devastated her on the set of a movie project because she was close to Angela and had also devastated her on Uche Nancy’s production.

In another post, she questioned why her fans and followers hadn’t noticed that she hadn’t done any movies with Mercy except one.

She claimed that Johnson removed her from posters, and Angela Okorie always supported whatever she did then. She added that there was a time Chacha Eke went to beg on her behalf, and I wept that day for her.

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