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Nollywood isn’t just gearing up for yet another celebrity wedding this year. The heart of many Nigerian ladies has been broken as Frederick Leonard, the last Nollywood-eligible bachelor, is set to get married to his long-time lover and actress, Peggy Ovire. Breaking news to his millions of fans, the actor took to his Instagram page on October 21 2022, to gush over the beauty of his sweetheart while sending her a romantic birthday wish. Not wasting time, the lovebirds will be shutting down Warri, Delta state, later in November for their traditional wedding.

This is following a viral video capturing the handsome actor going down on one knee to pop the question to Peggy during her surprise birthday dinner. Of course, she said Yes. Looking back, the 46-year-old handsome actor and legendary ladies’ man first went public about his relationship with the Husbands in Lagos Star actress in 2015 during an AY Comedian show. However, in 2017, the actress got online inlaws second-guessing themselves when she revealed during an interview that Frederick Leonard is more like a brother to her and is very single. In the years following their breakup, the actor reportedly dated many beautiful women in the Nigerian industry, including Lota Chukwu.

Still, he never got to settle down with any of them. During an interview with This Day in March of 2019, the swagalicious handsome screen god confirmed that marriage is definitely on his mind. However, he’s just being cautious not to add a broken marriage to his clean record. Fedrick said, “I’m looking for a square peg in a square hole, someone whose life is patterned the way mine is patterned as well because it just makes it a whole lot easier.” Well, as we will all find out, the actor didn’t need to look too far for the one, but rather rekindle an old flame. And this time around, there is no turning back because what’s coming up next is a wedding party to seal the love between the Anambra-born actor and his Peggy of life. Who is Frederick Leonard? Who is Peggy Ovire? And what is the genesis of this brewing love story between them? #FrederickLeonard #FrederickLeonardandPeggyOvire #PeggyOvire #NollywoodWedding

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