“Nothing But Respect For Her” Nigerians Rain Praises On Ruth Kadiri For Introducing New Artists In Her Movie

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Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri has received ton of acclaim from Nigerians for introducing up-and-coming artists in her movie.

Through Chude Nnamdi, an user, Ruth Kadiri’s lack of recognition as a young performer brought to light by her YouTube streaming platform, is something that Nigerians should notice.

The mother of two was commended along with other Nollywood actors who made a name for themselves on the streaming platform, saying it demonstrated the extent to which the Nollywood business had expanded.

Chude cautioned Nigerians not to give up because they are undervaluing the financial advantages of the digital age.

“Ruth Kadiri doesn’t get enough credit for bringing more than 9 young actors to the spotlight through YouTube.

The fact that many Nolloywood movie producers are creating a niche for themselves on YouTube shows how big Nolloywood has grown.

Nigerians are sleeping on this side of the digital world.”

Nigerians who supported Chude Nnamdi’s tweet did so with heartfelt praise for the actress.

One Chimezie tweeted, “I tell you the woman is making great progress and raising decent and talented artists daily not minding how much she gains. She deserves an accolade.”

Nkechi First wrote, “Ruth Kadiri is amazing at what she does. Nothing but respect for her.”

“I was thinking about the same thing the other day. Unlike other top actors, all she’s focused on is raining the next group of stars. Putting people on. She’s my favorite, and I always look forward to her movies every Thursday. She has great stories, too,” I Agulanna commended Ruth Kadiri.

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