Obi Cubana Replaced Nigerian Flamboyant Big Boy Hushpuppi?

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The arrest of Cubana group CEO Obi Cubana, without a doubt, shocked most Nigerians. It also took most people down memory lane on the arrest of Nigerian flamboyant big boy Hushpuppi in June of 2020.

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ll know that Hushpuppi, before his FBI arrest, was the most talked-about Nigerian big boy for several years. He entertained his 2.5 million followers on Instagram with his flamboyant lifestyle and penchant for designer wear, which earned him the nickname Gucci Master. The 39-year-old scam lord was, in fact, a tourist centre as celebrities and politicians flocked like sheep to Dubai just to hang out with the billionaire big boy.

With Hushpuppi likely spending his 40s and even 50s in a US prison, there was a craving to fill his position. This was when an opportunity presented a 46-year-old nightlife businessman Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana to fill the void. The happily married father of 4 boys did not only become the latest billionaire big boy giving Nigerian youths hope and education on dreaming big, Obi Cubana, as a matter of fact, proved that he is a legitimate and more authentic version of Hushpuppi with his work ethic and chains of businesses across the country and beyond. #ObiCubana #Hushpuppi #ObiCubanaandHushpuppi #ObiCubanamoney

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