Opinion: Chiwetalu Agu Deserves The Humiliation He Got From Nigerian Army?

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    It should be known that the insignia of Biafra does not belong to IPOB!

    When Boko Haram hoists their flags in defeated territories, the Nigerian army usually sweeps that terrain to displace those flags, after which they replace them with Nigerian flags. In some cases, they succeed, while in other cases, they fail.

    Chiwetalu Agu’s attire?

    This is actually the wrong time to be seen on such regalia. We’ve seen the Nigerian army engage in wrong ruthless and unnecessary shootings, with the guise of “neutralizing a terrible threat.”  We saw what happened during the “End Sars” movement.

    What if Chiwetalu Agu was shot on sight? Yes, the Nigerian army could do that, and ascribe it to “defense mechanism,” since they said they assumed he could be recruiting for IPOB. He was lucky there wasn’t any form of unrest around that area prior to that day. Random people paying for the supposed sins of IPOB in a case of being misconstrued, could soon be in the news –but God should please, forbid it – given the way this feud is going.

    Did Chiwetalu Agu appear like that with the intention of showing solidarity to IPOB or Biafra?

    If he did that on purpose for IPOB, daring the military, then that’s looking for trouble. But I don’t think he did.

    If his action was for Biafra, he should understand that the South East is in a volatile situation, and now is not the right time for that. He was extremely careless, and that should never be likened to bravery. People fail to understand that a man who feigns foolishness while planning, can achieve his goals too.  And that too, is bravery. However; it’s unfortunate that such men are seen as cowards by people who would rather dare the enemy stronger than them, forgetting that they could be destroyed at that moment. And when this is done, no goal is achieved.

    A supposed foolish man would rather plan his way, until there’s a proper structure for an attack. And that, is stuff of legends.

    But if you feel the best way to itemize bravery is by putting up the type of stunt Chiwetalu Agu did, why aren’t you parading the streets in such a manner of dressing? 

    Like I aforesaid, the insignia of Biafra does not belong to IPOB. Other groups could rise up tomorrow to support the Biafran cause, and their ideology could very much vary from that of IPOB. It’s quite easy to like Ojukwu and dislike Nnamdi Kanu, and there’s a vice-versa to it. I believe the Nigerian government knows this.  So, it’s wrong, humiliating Chiwetalu Agu in such a manner. He could just be an ordinary citizen exercising his fundamental human rights. Or, it could be a costume for an upcoming movie, since the vehicle he was driving, had the inscription “Chiwetaluagu films.”

    But if we are to be fair in all ramifications, simple knowledge should tell you that the “could” in “he could just be an ordinary citizen,” is subjective. He could also be supporting the separatist movement, which, unfortunately, has been labelled a terrorist organization. I believe the actions of their early days varied from the manifestations of their later days. The confusion in this equation is why some of us will not regard them as a terrorist organization, seeing that they started well. So, as the government does, we cannot call them a terrorist organization, yet.

    In a country where souls of harmless innocent youths were wasted because of ordinary #Endsars protest – and the military being accused of it – I think it’s quite ignorant of Chiwetalu Agu to have unintentionally dared the Government, by putting up a signal that suggests that he could be one of the staunch members of the separatist group that has become a nightmare to the government.

    Islamic cleric, Gumi, is campaigning for bandits and is yet to be arrested. We know there is ethnic profiling in the country, and it’s very unfair.  Everyone knows this.

    But the Nollywood legend, Chiwetalu Agu, ought to be careful next time since he’s resident in a country where injustice is the order of the day. 

    Written by: Edward Amah

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