Opinion: It’s A Sin For Buhari To Wear The Isi Agu – it’s A Big Disgrace!

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The Nigerian President – Muhammadu Buhari – visited Owerri recently, upon the invitation of the Imo State government. It was with an intent to commission one of the completed projects in the state.

His visit, as expected; drew a certain public outcry from the IPOB organization, days before his arrival. People of the whole South-East were advised to sit at home that day, in order to send a message to the visiting president – that Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) are not happy until their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is released.

The sit-at-home was also meant to make the president understand that the Igbos are serious in their quest for freedom. 

But what became more annoying, was the fact that the president had to wear the cultural “Isi Agu” attire, which was meant to make him appear as an Igbo Indigen

“How can a man who hates Igbo people be wearing Isi Agu?”

“Whoever gave him that outfit is mad!”

“Are we a joke to this man? This is a big disgrace to us.”

“Someone should remove that clothe from his body.”

The above were comments gathered in different threads on Facebook.

For most Igbos, a man who is seen as one with much hatred for the Eastern States, shouldn’t be decorated with the Isi Agu. It is an abomination.

But this is politics where we have to pretend to be “One Nigeria,” when actually, it is well-acknowledged that such phrase is only good for speaking.

Buhari must have said “those idiots,” when he returned to Abuja. He must have laughed in his private hours. He must have looked up to his ceiling, and must have echoed with great disappointment, the words that best describe his true nature:

“So I actually wore that nonsense?”

Written by: Edward Amah

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