#Opinion: Pere Should Be Sent Away From The Big Brother House – He Is A Danger To Other Housemates!

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The recent quarrel between Pere of Big Brother House, and his fellow housemate Whitemoney, has shown he is a time bomb waiting to explode in the house.

Pere of Big Brother House keeps making the game easy for White Money to win. Their recent quarrel has exposed his hatred for Whitemoney, and other housemates have probably taken note of this.

His smile, his gait, gesticulations, and the way he interacts with others shows a young man who obviously has an exaggerated importance of himself.

This explains why he dislikes Whitemoney, whose importance in the house – through his kitchen services and general friendliness – seems to challenge the whispers in his head. 

Pere must have said to himself “no there can’t be any other.” So, he makes other housemates to see WM’s Kitchen services as a strategy for winning the 90million – strategy for avoiding being nominated for eviction.

But in a diary section with Big Brother, one of the housemates – Cross – described Pere’s action as evil. According to him:

“What led to the fight between Pere and Whitemoney started after we had a whispering game. We know that Whispering is prohibited in the house but I told the head of house Maria before we even started the game.

Whatever we whispered to each other wasn’t something serious and Pere coming for Whitemoney was totally unnecessary because he wasn’t the cause of the whole problem…

We have always known that Pere hates Whitemoney but what happened yesterday was a clear indication that it has gone beyond the normal competitive hatred.

Pere is evil and I think he had intentions of hurting Whitemoney, but had a rethink after he remembered he was on a live show.”

I think Cross is right.

What is further annoying, is the fact that his social media handler, in defending him, had this to say:

“Bullying of any form, for whatever reason, is unacceptable, and we do not condone or support it.”

And immediately after relating this, somewhere in the body of the same message, enjoined people to see it as his strategy. 

This got a lot of people upset about the whole issue.

I just hope Big Brother is able to curb Pere’s toxicity, otherwise, Whitemoney could be provoked into fighting him, and that would be unfair – it could lead to the disqualification of Whitemoney.

Written by: Edward Amah

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