Oriental Brothers International Band Plungs Into Mourn As Legendary Highlife Singer Godwin Kabaka Passes On

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Nigerian highlife singer Godwin ‘Kabaka’ Opara has tragically departed this world.

His record label, Derda Promotions, announced this heartbreaking news in a statement on Friday, confirming his passing.

Amarachi Anyanwu, the chief operating officer of Derda Promotions, revealed that the revered musician breathed his last on Thursday.

Kabaka’s musical journey spanned several decades, genres, and bands.

He co-founded The Oriental Brothers International Band in 1973, a highlife powerhouse known for its socially conscious lyrics, instrumental mastery, and authentic sound that resonated with millions across Africa and beyond.

In 1976, Kabaka embarked on a solo career, forming the Kabaka International Guitar Band. He continued to produce high-quality Highlife music, releasing fourteen albums and creating hits like ‘Mangala Special’.

He also experimented with Ezebongo rhythms, showcasing his versatility and creativity. Later, he joined forces with the Imo City Band, further solidifying his status as a highlife legend.

With the support of Derda Promotions, Kabaka made a triumphant return in September 2023 with the album ‘The Return of Kabaka‘, which had over a million streams and trended as one of the top 100 albums worldwide.

Some of his major albums with the Oriental Brothers are ‘Uwa Atualamujo/Ihe Chinyere,’ ‘Ihe Oma,’ ‘Ischim nyara gi,’ ‘Five Fingers,’ ‘Oriental Special,’ ‘Osa enwe akwu,’ ‘Onyaoma nmadu eji egbuya,’ ‘Anam ele chi,’ ‘Hallelujah,’ “Madu bu aja’ and ‘Abialam.


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