‘Oyibo People Cursed Us’ – Yul Edochie Points Accusing Fingers at Colonial Masters For Nigeria’s Failings

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The actor believes Nigeria as a country is still dealing with hangovers from her colonial era.

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has made the astonishing claim that British colonial masters are responsible for the present woes plaguing Nigeria as a nation.

Yul made the intriguing remark in a recent Twitter exchange with actress Uche Jombo on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

Yul fears Nigeria may never experience any real progress as a nation became of the way it was structured by departing colonial masters.

Jombo had earlier taken to her page on the microblogging platform to drop the beguiling question “who cursed Nigerian?” And it prompted a critical reply from her industrial colleague.

In his response, the actor and politician made the worrying assertion that Nigeria may never experience any real progress as a nation became it was structured in a way it would never work by departing colonial masters.

A very historic visit to Lagos, Nigeria in 1956 by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II

According to him, people in the country were pitted against each other by the white man so they would never make any meaningful progress which would, in turn, ensure the country keeps depending on him.

“Oyibo people! They structured it in such a way that it will never work. So we’ll keep misunderstanding and fighting each other, making little progress and depending on them for everything,” he wrote.

The actor claimed the Europeans also left other African countries in the same distorted condition.

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