“People Thought I Had Issues With My Husband Yul Edochie; We Just Made Over $10k From Our Prank Videos.” Judy Austin Belittles Critics As She Gloats

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Nollywood actress Judy Austin has mocked those who think her marriage is on the verge of hitting rock bottom.

She and Yul Edochie have been sharing disturbing videos about marital problems on their Instagram page for a few days now.

In a post on her Facebook page, Judy Austin informed critics that she and her husband are cashing out big time from the videos, which she revealed are all pranks.

The movie star, who has two children with Yul Edochie, disclosed that they made $10,000 from some of their videos.

“People thought I have issues with my husband Yul Edochie.

Well, we just made over $10k from our prank videos while some carried it for head.

Congratulations to us”.

Judy Austin cries for help as Yul Edochie goes missing

In one of their prank videos, Judy cried for help over a supposedly missing Yul Edochie.

A video shared on Yul Edochie’s Facebook page captured the moment Judy Austin went about in the rain searching for the actor.

According to the actress, Yul Edochie did not return home after their online drama about her locking him out because she refused to let him into the house. She further apologized for locking him out and not hearing out his excuse.

Judy Austin claimed she had searched his friends, close relatives, and the hotels that Yul Edochie frequents, and he was nowhere to be found.

Embarrassing moment Yul Edochie confronted Judy Austin for driving his car without permission

Also, Yul Edochie had embarrassed Judy online as he confronted her over his car.

The award-winning movie star was captured stopping Judy Austin from going out with his car.

According to him, his wife didn’t seek his permission before trying to take his car out.

Captioning the video, Yul Edochie threatened to do more to his wife as he declared that their drama had begun.

“Judy wants to drive out with my car after saying it’s game on. Will I allow it? She hasn’t seen anything yet. This is just the beginning”.

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