Popular Nigerian Pastor – Funke Felix-Adejumo – runs mad on the pulpit!

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Madness is subjective, and that is why your appearance is not the only yardstick for rating your sanity. You can be well-dressed in the most expensive attire in the market, and still have the nuts in your head loosened.

This was how certain Nigerians saw a popular pastor, who, in her wonderful adornments, still spoke like a crazy woman.

At least a lot of people called her “crazy” online.

These were her words on the pulpit:

“If you are the richest person among your friends, that relationship has expired. Move on” – Pastor Funke Felix-Adejumo.

I wonder if she took into consideration, the full implications of her statement. How else can the poor climb up, if not by having dealings with the rich? If there are friends richer than you, you can learn few things from them.

If you are the richest amongst your friends, it’s absurd to say the relationship should expire, because, you were once like them. Nothing stops you from relating with your poor friends while trying to make friends with those richer than you.

Like many people lamented online, it’s a pity she has humans who listen to her as a pastor. She must have damaged their thought process a lot.  

The supposed richest amongst friends could need some help from his assumed poor clique, to get certain things done. Or, isn’t madame preacher aware of this?

“This woman has gone mad on pulpit.”

“Na craze dey worry you auntie pastor.”

“Make she pursue the poor people in her church.”

You could understand from these comments, that she unknowingly shot herself on the leg. The last comment means she’s indirectly saying she detests the presence of poor people in her assembly.

These things matter a lot.

Opinion by: Edward Amah

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