President Buhari Who Uses Twitter To Address The Nation 90% of The Time Bans Twitter Access to Nigeria

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President Buhari of Nigeria has approved the move to ban Twitter from Operating within Nigeria cyberspace after the Media Giant warned him of Abusing their Platform by threatening Igbos with War.

The Nigerian president violated the US-Based company’s app’s policy on the first of June, 2021 after his Genocidal Tweet was removed from the platform.

The removal of the threat Tweet to the people of the South East region of Nigerian known as  (The Igbo’s) obviously angered Buhari. Despite outrage by Nigerians and a call for an apology, the president 48 hours later took another step further to Ban Twitter access to Nigerians.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, after the ban, accused Twitter of having double standards on issues concerning Nigeria, adding that Twitter’s mission in Nigeria is suspicious. He said, “Twitter may have its own rules. It’s not the universal rule. If Mr President anywhere in the world feels bad and concerned about a situation, he is free to express such views.”

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Nigerians found it hilarious that the government ironically chooses the social media platform to break the news that Twitter is banned in Nigeria. Even though Nigerians found the move funny, the ban did not come as a surprise as the government as been threatening to ban social media in Nigeria.

President Buhari and his team ironically use Twitter to address Nigerians 90 per cent of the time since elected into Office in 2015. After February of 2019 re-election, they began using the platform more as a means of communication to Nigerians.

Of course, Nigerians are reacting, here are some of the top reaction Tweets from Amnesty International, government officials, celebrities etc.


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