Racism: Singer Tunde Obe Recounts How White Woman Unleashed Dog on Him Because he Was Black

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Veteran Ngerian singer Tunde Obe has taken to social media to narrate his first experience with racism at the tender age of eight.

Tunde Obe is of the opinion that people who have been subjected to one form of ill-treatment or the other because of their skin colour will never be able to forget the ordeal in their lifetime.

The singer made this known in a series of tweets on his Twitter page where her recounted his horrifying experience as a young boy who had relocated from his country of origin in 1974 to live in the United States of America due to his father’s line of work.

Tunde, now 51 years old of age, stated he was made to run for his life after the mother of his ‘white’ American school friend whom he went to visit unleashed the family’s bulldog on him became he was a black kid.

Read his sad story below:

He ends the story with a prayer that one day racism “will be relegated to the dustbin of history, where it belongs” and adds that people should be judged based on their character not their skin colour.

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