Regina Daniels Visit Asaba Specialist Hospital Says It Was Touching Experience

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Regina Daniels, the popular Nigerian screen star and philanthropist, has received high praise from fans and followers after her recent visit to the Asaba Specialist Hospital.

The young senator’s wife took the time to personally interact with patients and distribute gifts, leaving a lasting impact on those she encountered.

During her visit, Regina Daniels expressed her deep emotions, stating that it was a touching experience to witness the urgent need for well-equipped medical facilities in Nigeria.

She wrote;

“I visited the Asaba Specialist Hospital. It was a very touching experience as I saw the urgent need for the equipping of hospitals in Nigeria with good medical facilities where lives can be saved without being referred abroad. I also interacted and gave my little support to the expecting and newly mothers. I pray that all women, both the weak and the strong, will deliver like that of Hebrew women with healthy babies.”

The impact of Regina Daniels’ act of humanity has not gone unnoticed, as her fans and followers have showered her with love and admiration.

Many of them praised her compassionate nature and commended her for being a woman of influence.

One of her followers expressed unwavering support, stating, “If you campaign for governorship in the coming years, I will be glad to support you. I love you, and you have resolved into a leader and a woman of impact.”

@realestsandy wrote; “If you know how things are expensive in the market, more especially babies foods, you’d appreciate this young woman’s efforts. You did well Gina. It’s how Regina ignores everyone out there and keep making her moves, no send any body Nne”

@cooperhildap;“😭😭😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌 in waiting ❤️❤️❤️❤️ President wife I love you so much from  🇺🇲”

@cupid_accessories_station said; “Na only youth fit understand the current situation In the country….. God bless you and your household Hon Mrs”

@ayam_princess_prisca said; “Tell me why won’t God bless this lady? Just tell me? Regina Daniels you’re blessed already, keep bringing ideas“

@jk_blemch wrote; “This are reason why our government should try and allow Young and fresh blood(youth) to have access to political position.”

@_wasem_nessa said, “God bless you mummy G.”

@fynie001 said, “God bless you sis, I just wished the world is a better place for us all”

@andreceo wrote;“God bless you baby

@bertybillz090 said; “Wow I really love what she did may god bless her

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