‘Resist The Urge to Put Your Children Out There on Social Media’ – Kate Henshaw Cautions Parents

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The advent of the internet have brought about and seen many parents embrace the popular culture of posting photos and videos of their kids on social media because they’re proud of their families and want to stay connected with relatives and friends.

While young children might not give any thought to what their parents share about them on social media, that may not stay true as they grow older.

On this note, Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has reiterated the need for parents to exercise caution when it comes to putting their children up on social media.

The actress took to her Twitter page on Thursday, August 20, 2020, where she advised parents to resist the urge to flaunt their kids online no matter how tempting it may be.

Actress Kate Henshaw

According to the 49-year old mother of one, children should be the ones to make the decision to go online but only when they are old enough and more prepared to handle the potential dangers that follow.

“I know it’s hard but resist the urge to put your children out there on social media. When they are old enough to know the dangers associated with it, then ….. Many are roaming, watching, tracking, with evil intentions. May God protect our children in this new age,” she wrote.

It is fair to point out that there are potential dangers that may befall a child whose photos or information is splattered across several social media platforms by their often loving parents. From cyberbullying to child’s privacy invasion and digital kidnapping.

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