Sad Details How DAVIDO Found Himself In A HOT MESS After Music Video

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Afrobeat music superstar, Davido has been having a challenging year. As if things could get any worse, the Unavailable hitmaker has again found himself in a tight jam (difficult place) after he upset the Muslim community with this music video. Not too long ago, the 30-year-old singer posted the snippet on social media to promote his new signee, Logos Olori’s latest song, “Jaye Ori.” In the music video, the artist was spotted sitting on top of a mosque while people prayed in front and later captured dancing. Naturally, many praised the song and found nothing unusual about the music video snippet.

Popular Muslim celebrities, those in government and communities Up North, did not find the video entertaining in any form. This sparked wide criticism as they continued to insist that the music video was offensive and blasphemous. The Muslim Community immediately began growing an army of people offline that are cancelling Davido, banning his song, and even burning up a poster of the singer. Did Davido do wrong by posting the music video? Is deleting the video enough to stop the cancel campaign against him?

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