“She Is Obviously Not The Breadwinner; Ned Most Likely Pays For Everything” Woman Heap Praises On Regina Daniels & Husband Ned Nwoko

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A popular Facebook user and Nigerian feminist, Nkechi Bianze, has shared a lengthy post to praise Regina Daniels and her billionaire husband, Ned Nwoko.

Nkechi, while praising Regina for not allowing herself to be financially bankrupt, also hailed Ned for not stopping his wife Regina from working and making money despite being one of the richest men in the country.

Nkechi said in her post that even though she is married to the richest man on earth, she will still make her money, as Regina Daniels is doing.

She also highlighted women who will just get married and resign from their jobs because their husband has enough money to take care of the family.

Nkechi continues to praise Regina Daniels and her husband, Ned Nwoko, in the new Regina movie with his ex-lover Somadina, and Ned doesn’t have a problem with what his wife does on screen.

She wrote;

I’m not a huge fan of Regina or Ned, but there’s something I noticed which I like about them.

Despite being one of the richest men in the country, Ned has NOT stopped Regina from working, making money and doing all the things she used to do.
Regina still acts, she still influences, and she still does her things. She hasn’t been or allowed herself to be financially bankrupt.

Regina hasn’t decided to just stay and chop her husband’s money. She can afford not to work, but girl understands that she still has to chase the bag no matter how much her husband has.

When I said that even if I’m married to the richest man on earth, I’d still try to make my own money and be financially independent, something like what Regina is doing is what I meant.

Regina is obviously NOT the breadwinner. Ned most likely pays for everything. But, she still works. Do you know what that means? That she can survive financially, feed herself and her children, with or without Ned. That’s a type of financial security no woman should give up no matter how much her husband has.

But, one acclaimed odiegwu with two flats and a 2005 camry is stopping his wife from working.
And one woman who got married a few minutes ago is considering resigning from her job or closing down her business because her husband said so, and that the husband has enough money to take care of the family.

Regina just acted in a movie with and about her former love affair. When asked, Ned said he isn’t bothered what his wife Regina does on screen, that he is sure of the mutual love they have for each other.
I like the sound of that, a man who is comfortable in his skin, and also confident.


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