“She Must Go To Court & Provide Evidence To Back Her Claims.” Eniola Badmus Promises To Bring TikToker Ego Down For Defamatory

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    Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus has revealed more about her ongoing defamatory case with Tiktoker, Ego.

    In a live interview with Daddy Freeze, Eniola Badmus revealed that when she reached out to the said lady via Direct Message, she told her to shut up, hence the arrest.

    “When I reached out to her in her DM, pleading with her to take down the video and not rubbish her reputation, she told me to shut up.

    And then I called my lawyer and submitted the petition”.

    Eniola Badmus promised to make sure the lady goes down for defaming her character.

    The movie star noted how she rarely replies to people on social media, but for Ego, she would use everything in her power to bring her down.

    Eniola Badmus said, “Daddy Freeze, the thing is, I know myself not to be the type that puts many things on social media but for this girl’s case, I will make sure she goes down. On social media, I barely reply people no matter what they say about me. I won’t reply you (on social media) if you are not Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Jagaban (Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu), or his son; Seyi Tinubu. I can’t just reply you.”

    Speaking further, Eniola Badmus said, “I am this kind of person that does not get angry easily. People expect me to respond to what they say about me on social media but the fact is that I don’t have so much time to reply a whole lot of people. If I am not on the stage, I will be busy with my numerous businesses.”

    Eniola Badmus stated that she believes Ego is working for some people who want to bring her down.

    She noted how the lady claimed that she has sexual relations with different politicians, a statement she wouldn’t take lightly.

    Eniola remained adamant that the lady should be charged in court and made to provide evidence to back her claims.

    “As for that girl, I realized she is working for some people because she already said they paid her to defame me. She even went as far as saying I had sexual relations with all kinds of politicians. That is extreme so I won’t take it lightly. She must go to court and provide evidence to back her claims.”

    Eniola Badmus orders the arrest of a lady over the accusation of pimping ladies to Top politicians

    Africanglitz reported on Sunday that Eniola Badmus had ordered the arrest of a lady who accused her of pimping ladies to Top politicians.

    The Tiktoker, identified as Ego, had accused the movie star of being a professional pimp.

    She claimed that Eniola connects girls to top politicians all over Nigeria for financial benefits.

    Following her allegations, Eniola ordered the lady’s arrest.

    In a video that made the rounds on the internet, the lady retracted her previous statements and confessed that her initial accusations were false and fabricated.

    According to her statement, she was facing financial difficulties and struggling to pay rent when a friend approached her with a tempting offer.

    The friend offered her a substantial sum of N200K to lie and slander Eniola Badmus, exploiting her vulnerable situation.

    Unfortunately for her, Eniola isn’t letting the sleeping dog lie, as she vowed to make an example of her.

    “Ego, you can’t be sorry o. We must go to court, this is the Ego that called me a Professional Pimp, that your friend that you said I wanted to Pimp out to Politicians, you must provide her, and she must be your witness”.

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