“She No Know Say I Be Celebrity” Moment Regina Daniels Mom Compels Her To Do Some House Chores

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Regina Daniels shared a cute video online where her mother asked her to do certain chores.

During the video, Regina Daniels is seen washing plates in a basin outside the house.

Her younger sister Destiny even said that no one should make a video of her in that state because she was too global for such things.

“Pov: you visit your African mother and she makes you do the dishes after hosting your entourage. She no know sey I be celebrity @destiny.daniels01 said she’s too global for this”

The entire video was very lighthearted, showing Regina Daniels doing the dishes and laughing while her mother cheered her on.

At some point in the video, Regina Daniels’ mother started singing for her while she continued washing plates.

It is clear that Regina Daniels has a simple relationship with her mom. In Regina’s caption for the post, she wrote,

Regina Daniels has never been shy about flaunting her relationship with her mother online. She often heaps praise on her when she’s talking about her.

Less than two years into her marriage, Regina Daniels gifted her mother a luxury car that got netizens talking. She has never hidden the fact that she favours her mother a lot.

During the early stages of Regina Daniels’ marriage, her mother also faced a lot of backlash about her daughter’s marriage to an older man.

Both Regina Daniels and her mother seem to have overcome the backlash they faced when Regina married Ned Nwoko.

In recent times, many people have commented that Regina Daniels made the right decision regarding her choice of husband.

Regina Daniels frequently flaunts her wealth online, from luxury cars down to jewellery, trips to different countries, and attending high-value occasions.

She seems to be having the time of her life despite having faced a lot of backlash from Nigerians in the past.

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