Shocking Things Korra Obidi’s Ex-husband Did Behind Closed Curtains

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Is a father who allows his ex-wife’s enemy to babysit their children a good father?
While Korra Obidi travelled to Nigeria to celebrate her father’s birthday and create content, news broke about some nefarious activities that her ex-husband had been involved in. These activities were carried out by people who harbour dislike towards Korra, the singing and dancing princess from the motherland. The latest shocker is that one of Korra’s strong haters visited her ex-husband’s home in LA. This person reportedly babysat the children and took thought-provoking pictures of them.

As expected by her fans, Korra immediately reacted to the news and told her fans she was looking into the matter.

Her ex-husband, who has been MIA on social media after announcing that he is deleting his Facebook page, eventually came out to speak; during his Facebook live, he blamed Korra and bloggers for all his predicaments.

The 35-year-old father of two, who kept saying he wanted to co-parent in peace, not too long ago called the police on his ex-wife after a dramatic child exchange that went wrong. He promised to address the issue, but eventually made a U-turn and started pointing fingers.

What other ways is Korra Obidi’s ex-husband fighting her Behind the curtain of social media?

Why does he think Korra is the problem for everything?

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After giving birth to their second child in March 2022, 32-year-old Korra Obidi, known for her African-inspired singing and dancing, separated from her husband of four years. After Korra served him divorce papers, he came out many times to announce that Korra was the problem; explaining he was a good husband and a brilliant father who just wanted to co-parent in peace.

On the other hand, Korra accepted her predicaments and moved on, focusing mainly on her craft and co-parenting their two beautiful daughters every other week. Of course, there were custody battles every now and then until their divorce was finalized in November of 2022.

While Korra showed a united and peaceful front on social media, not contacting or engaging any media platform or people outside social media to talk about her marriage or divorce, little did she know that her ex-husband has been speaking with not only the media but also a bunch of older women in their fifties who strongly dislike Korra’s lifestyle, her dressing and parenting skill.

Secret Groups

Korra Obidi’s ex-husband reportedly befriended and recruited these women who worked with him to bring Korra down. They created Facebook and WhatsApp groups to discuss the information they found on Korra, with the intention of taking her to court or sending her to jail. They also monitored her life videos and reported every mistake she made that would benefit her ex, particularly those related to their children. The group allegedly encouraged him to seek full custody, while he promised them that he would not stop until Korra was behind bars or size to exit.

Working With Korra’s Enemies

As we all know, Korra has always lived her life according to her own rules, and people either love or hate her for it. After her divorce, those who disapproved of her lifestyle joined forces with her ex-husband. Among them were a group of older women who took their dislike of Korra to a whole new level, with some adopting her ex-husband as their own child, others treating him like family, and another set considering him their best friend. These women said terrible things about Korra, blamed her for everything, and made some shocking allegations against her. Unfortunately, her ex-husband found these women to be perfect allies in his efforts to defame the mother of his children. He reportedly discussed and disclosed the details of their divorce with them, and even shared incriminating information about Korra.

While some of these women sent him gifts, some gave him legal advice, while another sets donated money and raised funds for him.

However, one of the incidents that shocked Korra’s fans was when a woman who had previously made false and terrible accusations against Korra visited Korra’s ex-husband’s home and watched over Korra’s children. She took inappropriate photos and videos and shared these images with people who disliked Korra before it eventually reached Korra’s fans, who raised the alarm.

Korra fans started to question why a father allowed his ex-wife’s enemies to get close to their children and even babysit them while he was away for work, especially since he claimed that his top priority was to keep his children safe. Rather than addressing the incident the LA chiropractor blamed Korra for everything.


The Police & Court Cases

In court cases, which are supposed to be confidential, Korra Obidi’s ex-husband goes behind social media curtains and discloses information to these women who dislike Korra. In return, these women give him advice on what to do next. When the situation gets tough, he comes on social media and says that he is not allowed to say anything. He has filed up to five ex parte applications to take the children from Korra but with no success.

In contrast, Korra reacts strongly on social media whenever he attacks her behind closed doors. A recent incident occurred when he allegedly failed to show up to the usual change-over site to pick up their children and subsequently called the police on Korra. According to Korra, instead of discussing the best time to pick up their children, he threatened to call the police on her. When this attempt failed, he went to their daughter’s school and picked her up before the closing time without informing his ex-wife. This resulted in Korra speaking out and informing her fans about the challenges she was facing while co-parenting. 

Reacting to Korra’s outburst, Justin Dean posted on Facebook, “I’m really tired of the lies and drama”. His fans were hoping he would address the issue and share his side of the story. However, the next day he posted something cryptic again and said.“Despite the narrative to emotionally manipulate views, I’m a role model to peaceful co-parenting”.

This was followed up by another post that read, “I’m deleting my Facebook account next week. It’s the only way I can protect my kids from the unwarranted havoc”. The post has now been deleted and here is why.

Blaming Korra For Everything

After Korra served divorce papers to her chiropractor husband in March of 2022, she moved on with her life. However, her ex-husband continued to blame her for everything that went wrong in their marriage and after it ended. He also blames her for his struggling businesses and lack of motivation to create content. He seems to forget that during the divorce proceedings, Korra received ten times more criticism and backlash than he ever did.

Some fans of Korra claim that prior to the mother of two featuring her children’s voices on social media and occasionally showing their backs to celebrate milestones, Justin Dean had already broken the law by sending pictures and videos of the children to his women fans in a secret group.

Not Meeting Korra In The Middle

Korra Obidi announced on January 18th that she would be travelling to Nigeria to celebrate her father’s birthday. Two days later, photos and videos of Papa Obidi surrounded by his children and grandchildren were shared online, and they melted hearts. However, Korra’s children were not present in the pictures, and her fans blamed her ex-husband for not granting their second daughter a passport to travel to Nigeria.

In one of her videos, Korra mentioned that she asked her ex-partner, Justin Dean, to accompany her to the passport office to obtain a passport for their daughter, Athena. However, Justin refused, claiming that Nigeria is not a safe place for their children. In the past, their first daughter, June, travelled to Nigeria as a baby and more than three times before Athena’s birth. Some of Korra’s fans were sympathetic towards her father, who has not had the opportunity to meet his granddaughter since her birth.

It is truly shocking that a man who claimed to have been peaceful since his divorce resorted to secretly communicating with people who dislike his ex-wife, providing them with information and even allowing a stranger to get close to their children. Despite the trending story, he refuses to address the issue. Instead, he posted a cryptic statement which read: “It’s very unlikely that I’ll ever allow my children to be online in the future. People destroy beautiful things”. When things got out of hand, he went on Facebook Live to blame Korra and bloggers.

Since the father of two has not addressed the recent issue of their children’s photos, Korra’s fans expect her to take this situation seriously and do something about it. 

What do you think about these whole situations?

Do you think Justin Dean went too far this time by allowing a big Korra hater to babysit their young children?

Why do you think he keeps blaming Korra for everything?

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