Singer Oxlade on Manager’s Condition: ‘My Brother Has a Swelling in His brain & Can’t Control Fingers

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It appears police are brutalizing citizens in the middle of a protest aimed at ending police brutality.

Nigerian singer Oxlade has announced that his manager Ojah Bae is in a critical condition following his arrest and torture by police officers at the #EndSARS protest in Lagos State.

The music star made this known via his Twitter page on Thursday, October 15, 2020, where he talked about the injury inflicted on his manager.

Sharing a photo of Ojah Bee’s CT scan, the fast-rising star revealed that his manager can no longer move his fingers due to sustained injuries to his brain.

“My brother has a swelling in his brain and he can’t control his fingers, thanks to the Nigerian Police. Thank you Nigerian government for failing the youth. I am lost for words right now, but please keep my brother In your prayers,” he wrote.

This comes after a video emerged online amid the #EndSARS protest which captured the moment Ojah Bee was ceased and dragged on the floor into a police station in Surulere.

It took the intervention of well-meaning Nigerians and lawyers to secure his release after several hours.

There have been multiple reports that police have used excessive force against unarmed protesters since the protests started last Thursday.

At least 10 people have died in protests over police brutality in Nigeria, according to Amnesty International in a tweet on Tuesday.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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