Singer Teni Blasts Actress Monalisa Stephen For Dragging Her OverWeight Loss

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Teni couldn’t have made Nigerians happier as she found time to reply to Nollywood actress Monalisa Stephen’s call out on social media.

Stephen had a problem with the fact that Teni disclosed that staying alive is the reason she chose to go on a weight loss journey.

The actress tagged the singer as fat, phobic and ungrateful after the fat community supported her craft.

Teni on Twitter simply made it clear that she wouldn’t be arguing with any Monalisa unless it’s the one her colleague Lojay sang about.

“I ain’t going back and forth with no dumb Monalisa, that ain’t who Lojay sang about.”

View the tweet below:

Nigerians react to Teni’s Clapback

@akorwizzy123: “Nothing sweet me pass this Teni Reply. ”

@B_jhay11: “Hmm… Na Teni first cook this year. Sweet jollof rice.”

@ochesamie_: “Very unapologetic . I love it ”

uchemaduagwu: “Dear Monalisa, Teni no be your problem, Exercise is, only AMADIOHA know how many bag of Rice you chop for movie Location, but take advice and stop finding unnecessary fault.”

_brown.skin_girl: “It’s Teni’s choice though. And she in no way bodyshamed others. Same way some people want to add fat is same way some people want to lose it and also show their journey.”

jamesjayeao: “These big people don’t like being called out lol.”

oniyinyechi_robin: “Clap back so strong ghen ghen teni open this year well o.”

oyin_adedeji: “I’m still wondering what triggered Monalisa. Everyone has their choice to make… you may be fat and see no reason shedding it.. good for you.”

Monalisa Stephen’s Criticized Teni for sharing weight loss journey

Popular Nigerian singer Teni Makanaki ended the year on a high note as she was able to lose weight as much as she wanted.

Shortly after the Billionaire crooner disclosed the reason she decided to finally give up her unhealthy way of life and fix up, plus-size actress Monalisa Stephen called her out.

In a long rant on her Instagram story channel, Stephen disclosed that Teni sharing her weight loss journey is simply setting up fat people to be ridiculed on social media.

She continued by saying that the fact that she’s fat doesn’t mean she is unhealthy, as most people assume.

The actress shaded Teni for suddenly talking like being fat is a disease after she gained support and sympathy from the community.

Calling for the inclusion of plus-size people in the entertainment and movie industry, Stephen proudly noted that she is fat and loves her body that way.

She wrote: “It’s not in your place to tell people what to do with their bodies. Lose weight if it’s affecting you but don’t assume I am unhealthy because I am fat. Fat is not the problem, fat stigma is”.

“Stop putting fat people up for dragging. We just living like everyone. Lose weight but stop the BS”.

Monalisa Stephen addresses colleagues who had body transformation

Monalisa also seized the opportunity to address celebrities who gained fame while being fat but went on a weight loss journey thereafter.

The influencer told them to lose weight in peace and not hide under fat phobic.

She wrote: “For all y’all celebs who we supported because you’re fat and flourishing. But after you gain the fanbase and lose weight which is not the problem. lose weight in peace, don’t be fat phobic now and say

“I remember when I was fat. fat na bad thing but you gain sympathy and support from the fat community to get there. Be nice. Fat no be disease. Shut up already and lose your weight in peace.

Monalisa Stephen blasts troll who body-shamed her

Recall that Monalisa Stephen fan who body-shamed her after she posted new photos.

The big-sized actress took to her social media page to share photos of her body where she talked against body shaming and advised people to feel comfortable in their skin.

Reacting to her post, a fan calmly urged her to try and work on her body size, so she won’t regret her looks during old age.

Monalisa, in her response, said she would not regret anything, and if the fan lives long, then she will be able to see how great she will turn out.

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