“So Rather Than Fear Death, We Should All Prepare For It” Yul Edochie Shares Insights On Death Following Mr. Ibu’s Passing

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Actor-turned-pastor Yul Edochie has recently taken to his Instagram page to share an insight about death.

Following the unfortunate passing of Nollywood actor Mr. Ibu, Yul Edochie has told his fans and followers not to fear death. He explained that death is a transitional process that awaits everybody.

He also revealed that no matter what people say or do, people will always come and people will always go. He advised netizens not to fear death, but rather to prepare for it.

He further cautioned them to be fair in their dealings and also learn to forgive easily.

“Death is a transition process that awaits us all.

No matter what we say or do, it must come.

People come and people go.

So rather than fear death, we should all prepare for it.

Be fair in all your dealings with others.

Forgive easily.

Apologise when you hurt others.

Keep your hands & your heart clean.”

It was reported that Judy Austin and Yul Edochie had shared an adorable video of themselves on Instagram.

In the video, the duo are seen lip-syncing to Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s popular song, I Don’t Care, as they both beam pleasantly towards the camera.

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